Dale Naug, General Manager of the Grasmere House Hotel, once again joined the Mummers to share some festive spirit around local venues in Wiltshire and raise £700 for this very worthwhile appeal.

FOR over 40 years a group of friends have performed the Quidhampton Mummers play in local pubs to raise money for local charities.

The play has Father Christmas introducing King George who fights and ‘kills’ Bold Soldier, Turkish Knight and Cut the Dash. They are revived by ‘The Doctor’ with his Opplis Poplis drops.

The final player is Little Johnny Jack who comes in to tell the audience how some of his family have gone to the work house and the rest will go when he returns home. The origin of the play is from when villagers would go to country houses to receive food for their table.

This year they performed in Wilton, Netherhampton, Quidhampton, Shrewton, Tisbury, Wylye, Chitterne, Dinton and Stockton and raised £700 for the Air Ambulance appeal.