For nearly 5000 years the massive stones of Stonehenge standing proud above Salisbury Plain have amazed, confused and excited people. This, the largest stone circle in the world is truly a monumental piece of stone-age engineering. Renowned for summer solstice celebrations Stonehenge also celebrates the winter solstice and equinoxes. The next one, the Autumn Equinox, occurs at 8.44pm on Sunday 22 September 2013.

Book a stay at the Grasmere House Hotel and join the celebrations of the Autumn Equinox that will take place at Stonehenge at sunrise on Monday 23 September 2013. Visitors wishing to celebrate the Autumn Equinox at Stonehenge will be given access into the monument when it is considered sufficiently light and therefore safe to do so which is likely to be from approximately 6.15am. Sunrise that morning will be at approximately 6.56am.

Just 8 miles north of Salisbury, Stonehenge is easily reached by car or taxi from the Grasmere House Hotel.