In the News in Norway

In the News in Norway

Following a recent visit by a group of Norwegian tourists travelling to find out more about the life of Agatha Christie. Catharina Morken was so impressed by her stay in Salisbury that she produced the following article to tell her fellow countrymen all about the excellent hospitality her group received at the Grasmere House Hotel.

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The following is a translation of a short excerpt…

Salisbury is a city that houses the beautiful cathedral, which is England’s highest spires, and there is a city where the rivers meet. Among the five rivers flowing through the city are the Avon and Nadder and there is a hotel right on the banks of Nadder, which is Grasmere House Hotel. It was at this hotel the participants of the ST-trip stayed for two nights this summer.

Dale Naug, the hotel owner, recommends Salisbury as a destination. This idyllic town is easily accessible from London, and it only takes one and a half hours from London by train. From here you can take it easy for sites such as Stonehenge and Stourhead Garden, as well as many other exciting destinations for a day trip.

“It is a very pleasant city to visit, and the hotel – with the fantastic host – was a great experience,” said Joril, one of the group, who was in England for the first time.

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