For nearly 30 years The Grasmere House Hotel has welcomed guests to relax and recharge their batteries, leaving refreshed and ready to face a new day. Now, with the first electric car charging unit installed at a hotel in Salisbury, guests can also recharge their electric vehicles as well.

Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular for both their energy efficiency and environmental benefits from low emissions. However, they need charging points to be installed at regular intervals for longer journeys to be practical. Seeing emergence of this demand Dale Naug has taken the initiative and installed an electric car-charging unit at The Grasmere House Hotel.

Guests staying at the hotel will now be able to top up their car, for a nominal charge, whilst they relax and enjoy the hotel’s hospitality and an overnight stay.

Dale says “we’ve started to get enquiries about car charging facilities here in Salisbury so we decided to install a unit. Our large car park, at the front of the hotel, is ideal for this and means that our guests can relax and know that their car will be recharged and ready to go in the morning.”