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Lacock Abbey, Village and Fox Talbot Museum

Lacock, Chippenham

The Abbey, located in the centre of the village originated in the 13th century and dissolved in 1539.

Later, it became a peculiar country house of numerous architectural styles within its own forest grounds.

It became home to the Talbot family, including William Henry Fox Talbot of the 19th century, famous for his contributions towards the creation of the photographic negative.

These amazing accomplishments are celebrated in the Fox Talbot Museum on the ground floor and the gallery accompanying it holds special exhibitions during the year.

Stroll through the Medieval cloisters, 16th-century stable courtyards, explore the exquisite rooms and discover the 18th-century Gothic hall.

This is the perfect destination for family or friends and make sure to join in with our regular seasonal events, activities and trails in the grounds.

Take a trip to the village where you can enjoy a meal or go do some shopping.

Interesting Fact

Lacock Village and Abbey have been used as locations in TV and film productions of Wolfman, Pride and Prejudice, Emma and

various Harry Potter films.

Directions to Lackock Abbey